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"ŞUAYİPLER Kauçuk Sanayi" was founded by Şuayip ŞUAYİPLER in Camdibi, Izmir, in 1988 as manufacturing its own products. "ŞUAYİPLER Kauçuk Sanayi" has never lowered its working quality; it is manufacturing according to the ISO 9001 TSE standarts.

"ŞUAYİPLER Kauçuk Sanayi" has focused on only the square-formats as its profession and business knowledge. It closely follows the new traits and makes a permanent upgrade of its models in order to add new values to its manufactures and the clients.

"ŞUAYİPLER Kauçuk Sanayi" continues to move on its tracks without making compensation from its quality and increases its aims year by year.

You can send us your orders. You can be sure that our staff with technical equipment will present you the best product. To cooperate with you will make us happy and pleased.

We thank you for your trust and will continue to serve you in the best way.